About Us

We are PDA Search, a mobile computing solutions company that has been in the business of providing portable handheld devices for nearly three decades now.

From our humble beginnings as a mortar-and-brick retailer of mobile devices, our company has grown and branched out into the digital sphere—rightfully where it should belong considering our product line-up and target market.

We are now known as an established retailer of PDAs and other handheld devices that are geared towards busy and on-the-go professionals who want a digital companion to organize their tasks and activities besides owning a smartphone. We also cater to those who are still nostalgic about the glorious days of PDAs when their popularity was at its highest—those who want to have different PDA models as part of their collection.

More than just offering physical products in the form of the well-loved personal digital assistants, we aim to delight our customers with excellent service. Starting from our company website, we work hard to deliver news, reviews, advice, and information that will help our customers make wise buying decisions so that they get more bang for their buck. We are proud of the personalized service and the wonderful feedback we have been receiving from our satisfied clients.